South Beach Miami Nightlife

Part of what makes Miami and South Beach so unique is that fun in the sun and nightlife rival each other – both are world class! That said, night time is always the right time in Miami! What do you want to do? We’ll guide you to places and activities that you’ve never even thought of.

Discounted Tables Service

Discounted table service

Why fight the crowds and compete for the bartender’s attention just to order a drink? Avoid the crowds and the hassle by allowing us to provide discounted table service at some of the

hottest clubs on South Beach and beyond

. As “Your Insider’s Guide to the city”, we know all the ropes and we’ll personally escort you past security to your table at the club where you want to be seen, or not seen, whichever the case may be. Working with our connections also means that you get the best possible pricing.

VIP club access

Have you seen the lines at these clubs? Hire one of our VIP hosts to handle every detail before you arrive and skip the line completely. Our longstanding relationships throughout the city provides you with VIP access to every hot spot worth going to.

VIP Club Access

Restaurant reservations

If fine dining is your thing, We Own South Beach will get you in. Miami and South Beach are home to some of the most famous most delicious restaurants in the world. Think Prime 112 where the steak is always sizzling or Barton G, where the dishes are literally works of art. It may not be easy getting the reservation you want or even a reservation at all, to that we say “this way to your table.”

Since Miami is a melting pot of so many cultures, you have access to countless varieties of food from every corner of the world! Not sure where to eat? We’ll recommend only the best restaurants for the specialty menu you are seeking.

Get things rolling and see for yourself. Go ahead, you can call Ryan directly, right now, at 954-394-9299