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What We Own South Beach Does / Concierge Services

To sum it all up, we do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations. As “Your Insider’s Guide to the city,” We Own South Beach ensures that you’ll enjoy your stay, outing and/or event to the fullest, even before it starts. We understand that just thinking about planning a vacation, group outing or event in Miami can be very stressful. You don’t even have to think about it anymore; just call us. We provide “planning relief” and make that plan a reality!

We are a concierge planning and implementation team that offers a vast menu of turnkey services. These services will help you get the most out of your stay, outing or event. We sweat all the details so you don’t have to; that’s our job and we love to do it!

There is virtually no question we can’t answer or service we can’t provide:

  • Don’t know where to stay? We’ll make sure you’re accommodated at the right place for the best rate.
  • Can’t get a reservation at the restaurant you want to go to? Right this way.
  • Want to go fast? Your Ferrari is waiting for you in the driveway, your speedboat is on the dock.
  • Want to go slow? Your Bentley’s chauffer just opened the door.
  • You need to pull off a big event flawlessly? We will handle every detail!
  • Want table service at the hottest club? Here’s your upgraded table & discounted bottle service.
  • Need a spa day? We have the best spas to choose from!
  • On a budget? We’ll make the most of it, stretching your every dollar!
  • Want to eliminate your pesky hangover? Our licensed physician and IV rehydration service are on call 24/7 to help you recover.

We Own South Beach has the answers to all your questions about anything Miami, Give Ryan a call at 954-394-9299 and put us to the test.